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"Economy & Law Translation regularly translates a research publication from English into German released on a daily basis for Credit Suisse Global Research, Zurich. The process requires that the translator correctly replicates technical financial market text within extraordinarily short deadlines. We appreciate the flexible service and extremely rapid reaction times to these assignments or special requests provided by Economy & Law Translation."

- Credit Suisse Global Research, Zurich

"Amid the hectic day-to-day realm of political communication, as well as in the production of our magazine provided to members and published in three language versions, we rely on the quality of the translation services provided by Economy & Law Translation. And sometimes these services are required very rapidly. ELT provides us with support with German as well as Italian or French texts. The company knows our business environment and in the interim has also mastered the relevant special expressions. It is just as capable of meeting our very disparate needs regarding accuracy, on the one hand, and particularly literal free adaptation, on the other, as it is at managing the noticeably varying volumes of text required. Translations involve finding the right balance between intuition and constant discussion, over and over again. We therefore very much appreciate the fact that Economy & Law Translation emphasizes the value of feedback and dialogue."

- syndicom, Bern

"Economy & Law Translation is known for providing very swift and flexible, high-quality translations, which simplify and underpin our banking services processes and successfully support various projects too."

- bank zweiplus, Zurich